Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 8 Recap

$500 + $60 Deeper Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

After a marathon heads up battle, it would be Johnson Nguyen who would draw out in a huge pot to ultimately defeat his counterpart, Andrew Jeffrey, to win the Borgata Poker Open trophy and the $111,360 that came with it. Johnson said winning was "surreal" and added that he does not play poker much.

 Johnson Nguyen, Winner, $500 + $60 Deeper Stack NLHE (Re-Entry)

The key hand saw Jeffrey three betting pre-flop and Nguyen making the call. The flop came 7-5-2 and Jeffrey led out for 2 million. Johnson jammed all in and Jeffrey snap called with pocket kings. Nguyen was on a draw with 6-4. The turn was a ten keeping Jeffrey in the lead but the river was a 8 to give Johnson a straight and cripple Jeffrey. The tournament would be over a few hands later. When asked about the hand that crippled Jeffrey he said "if I'm going to see the flop and I hit a draw, I'm going to go with it. I felt like it was going to come because I've been sucking out all night." Johnson said he played the tournament "because of the guarantee and the big prize pool."

Third place and $40,493 went to Frank Bonacci, who was the start-of-day-two chip leader.  He has two Borgata Open titles to his credit already from the 2011 Spring Open and 2012 Summer Open.  He fought hard to make it a hat trick here tonight, but came up short.  After winning last Summer, Bonacci said poker was taking a back seat to his boot business, Frank's Shoes.

The $500,000 Guarantee on total buy-ins for this event was cleared by a nose.  The final count of entries came to 1,056, bringing total buy-ins to $528,000.   The final 100 players earned a piece of the prize pool. Only 40 players out of 320 entries survived day 1A action.  Day 1B saw more than double the entries, winding up with 736.  Only 89 of those made the cut for a total of 129 players returning on day two. Day two action was frenzied.  They got underway at noon and it only took a couple of levels to see the departure of John DiBella (New Rochelle, NY) who was second in chips when play began.  He lost the last of his chips to Johnson Nguyen, who went on to win the event.

Orson Young (Oceanport, NJ) was third in chips at the start of the day and he went on to finish 16th for $2,784. Runner up Andrew Jeffrey has a handful of cashes and one final table here at Borgata.  He finished 41st in event 7, earning $831. His highest finish and largest cash was an 8th in the $260 NLH event during the 2013 Borgata Summer Poker Open, earning $4,779.

Johnson said that he might play in the WPT Championship event but for now he's going to enjoy this victory and the $111,360 that came with it.

 Final Table Results

1 - Johnson Nguyen $111,360
2 - Andrew Jeffrey $66,914
3 - Frank Bonacci (Pittsburgh, PA)  $40,493
4 - Joe Grodowski (Staten Island, NY)  $33,913
5 - Tony Sinishtaj (Flushing, NY)  $27,839
6 - Aleksander Sirota (Manalapan, NJ)  $22,524
7 - Matt Maccaroni (Hamilton Square, NJ)  $17,969
8 - Pierce McKellar (Flagstaff, AZ)  $13,666
9 - John Caltagirone (Flushing, NY)  $9,364
10 - Miguel Borrero (Jersey City, NJ)  $6,074


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