Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 11 - 3rd place Jason Yniguez

$350 + $50 Deepest Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 100K/200K Ante 30K

Jason Yniguez had taken the chip lead over from Brian Poliva, the first time Poliva had not held the chip lead in quite some time. The two tangled and saw a flop of A♣J5. Jason led out for 500K and was called by Brian. The turn was the 3 and both players checked. It was when the 4 that came on the river when the fireworks started. Brian led out for 700K and Jason moved all in - a huge overbet of over 8 million in chips. Brian stared up at the ceiling and quietly said to himself "sucked out". He replayed the hand through his head and found it in himself to make the call. When Jason hesitated turning his cards over, Brian knew he had the winner and turned over A♠8. It was the winner, but just barely as Jason held A-7. That hand crippled Jason down to 800K. He would get it all in with pocket queens on the very next hand and be called by Larry Franks who held K-8. The flop would come with a king and to add insult to injury Franks would river a straight to send Jason off to dream of what might have been.

Jason Yniguez (Brooklyn, NY) - 3rd place - $14,728

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