Sunday, September 15, 2013

Event 20 Recap

2013 Borgata Poker Open $350 Buy-In + $50 Entry No Limit Hold'Em (Re-Entry)
Entrants: 338
Prize pool: $114,751

A 34 year old mortgage banker from Newtown, Pennsylvania, Ed Walsh woke up Saturday probably thinking Event 20 of the Borgata Poker Open would be a good warm-up for the WPT Championship Event that started the following day. Little did he know that 16 hours later he would be thrust into the limelight in a heads up battle with noted Hollywood actor and poker enthusiast James Woods. Overcoming a significant chip disadvantage, Walsh was able to turn a key kings against queens hand into a tournament win. A slightly disappointed Woods gave Walsh a hug and congratulated him on the victory. For defeating a field of 338 participants, Walsh took home a $30,988 first place prize, a stunning Borgata Poker Open trophy and a unique, custom framed photograph provided by IMPDI.

Ed Walsh (L), Winner Event #20, and James Woods (R), Runner Up Event #20

When the final ten started, our seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat One: Satish Gorrela, Sterling, VA 530K
Seat Two: Divakar Marella, McLean, VA 225K
Seat Three: Jeffrey Cole, Manahawkin, NJ 225K
Seat Four: Ed Walsh, Newtown, PA 1.3 million
Seat Five: Warren Wiggins, Randallstown, MD 875K
Seat Six: James Woods, Los Angeles, CA 1.125 million
Seat Seven: Chris Cornell, Clarksville, TN 865K
Seat Eight: Ken Severinsen, Long Island, NY 560K
Seat Nine: Frank Ingardia, Monroe Township, NJ 345K
Seat Ten: Jaroslaw Tumidajski, Yonkers, NY 445K 

 Event 20 Final Table

 With James Woods a part of the final table, there was some entertainment and laughs for all. Some of the more notable moments:

Question directed to Woods: "You ever win a tournament?"
Woods response: "That's all I ever f***ing do dude."

Woods after he moved all in against an opponent to Eric Harkins, IMPDI photographer: "Get a picture of us together, because he's going out."

One table over from the final table, a group of energetic and loud poker professionals led by Alex Rocha, are asked by Woods if they can move a table or two over. "I don' mean to be a douche," Woods says. Rocha laughs and says "you play the part well" which elicits a laugh from Woods and the rest of the table.

The players are discussing the $30,988 first place prize and to reiterate a point that the money isn't an issue to him Woods says "If I go to the bathroom on a movie set, I make $30,000." What Woods wanted, and it was obvious... was the trophy.

The key hand of the tournament was when it was heads up between Woods and eventual winner Ed Walsh. With the blinds at 25K/50K, Woods raised to 150K and was re-raised to 250K by Walsh which Woods called. The flop came J3♣2 and Ed bed 325K. Woods raised to 925K and Walsh didn't wast much time before announcing that he was all in. James was just as quick to call, turning over pocket queens. Walsh, however, had him beaten with pocket kings. "Ohhhh," Woods said. "So unlucky." The turn and river are 88♠ and Ed took over the chip lead by a 4 million to 2.6 million advantage.
After the hand, a shocked Woods said "wow, that was a cooler." Walsh responded by saying "now we have a game. You want that trophy on your resume don't you?" Woods nodded... "it'd be nice." Walsh agrees "me too. You're a movie star, I'm just Joe Shmoe." The two would battle it out for a few more hands and in the end it would be Walsh who would get the best of Woods to win the event.

The order of finish and payouts were as follows:

1st: Ed Walsh $30,988
2nd: James Woods $17,214
3rd: Chris Cornell $10,706
4th: Satish Gorrela $8,606
5th: Jaroslaw Tumidajski $6,770
6th: Frank Ingardia $5,565
7th: Ken Severinsen $4,475
8th: Warren Wiggins $3,385
9th: Jeffrey Cole $2,295
10th: Divikar Marella $1,492

After the win, an ecstatic Walsh talked about his experience playing with Woods. "It was amazing. One of the coolest things ever. It's something I'll always be able to share with my kids and grandkids." Walsh, who has significant online tournament experience including a 72K score stated that this was his biggest live win. Ed only has a few hours before he will be getting up to take part in the Championship Event that gets underway at 11 a.m. At least he'll sleep well knowing that no matter what, he's in the black.

 Ed Walsh (Newtown, PA) - Winner, Event #20 - $30,988

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