Saturday, September 21, 2013

Event 25 Recap

2013 Borgata Poker Open $200 Buy-In + $30 Entry No Limit Hold'Em (Re-Entry)
Entrants: 335
Prize pool: $64,990

Yannis Vitsentzos, a 46 year old Wall Street trader from New York, NY, outlasted 335 registrants today to win the final event at the Borgata Poker Open. "I've been playing for five years," Yannis said, adding that Borgata is one of his favorite places to play... "I love it here." This is his first major tournament win and his second final table appearance at a Borgata Poker Open as he took 3rd in a Summer Poker Open event this past June.

Yannis Vitsentzos (New York, NY) - Winner Event #25

When the final table started our final ten and their chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Battuvishin Davaadorj (D.C.) 60K
Seat 2: Alan Colon (Oceanside, NY) 250K
Seat 3: Yannis Vitsentzos (New York, NY) 1.9 million
Seat 4: Mike Quinn (Clinton, MD) 200K
Seat 5: Anthony Castelli (Staten Island, NY) 1.5 million
Seat 6: Katie Elliott (Florence, SC) 800K
Seat 7: Dave Deneergaard (Northport, NY) 1.1 million
Seat 8: Tony Schiano (Toms River, NJ) 600K
Seat 9: Giuseppe Avino (Atlanta, GA) 1.3 million
Seat 10: Stuart Moss (West Nyack, NY) 800K 

Some of the key hands that took place:

--Stuart Moss eliminating Tony Schiano with aces versus pocket tens. The aces held.
--Anthony Castelli doubling up with A7 against Giuseppe Avino and his pocket tens when he hit an ace on the river.
--Yannis Vitsentzos eliminating Katie Elliott with pocket 3's against Katie's K♠J♠ when he would turn a full house to best the flopped king that Katie had hit.
--Giuseppe Avino doubling up via Anthony Castelli when his Q-T hit two pair on the flop to best Castelli's A♣8♣.

The order of finish and payouts were as follows:
1st place - Yannis Vitsentzos (New York, NY) $17,543
2nd place - Giuseppe Avino (Atlanta, GA) $9,749
3rd place - Alan Colon (Oceanside, NY) $6,064
4th place - Stuart Moss (West Nyack, NY) $4,874
5th place - Dave Deneergaard (Northport, NY) $3,834
6th place - Anthony Castelli (Staten Island, NY) $3,152
7th place - Katie Elliott (Florence, SC) $2,535
8th place - Mike Quinn (Clinton, MD) $1,917
9th place - Tony Schiano (Toms River, NJ) $1,300
10th place - Battuvishin Davaadorj (Washington D.C.) $845
Yannis Vitsentzos wins the tournament and for his outstanding performance will receive $17,543, a beautiful Borgata Poker Open trophy and a unique, custom framed photograph provided by IMPDI. 

Congratulations on your win Ivan!!!

 Yannis Vitsentzos (New York, NY) - 1st place - $17,543

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