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Event 23 Recap

2013 Borgata Poker Open $200 Buy-In + $30 Entry Big Stack No Limit Hold'Em (Re-Entry)
Entrants: 937
Prize pool: $181,778


Good things come to those who wait. That statement might be filled with cliches but in poker it can often be a true one. Joe Boatwright spent most of the final table watching the chip lead go back and forth to everyone but him. Eventually he found himself heads up and facing what seemed to be an insurmountable chip deficit as Lee Childs, former WSOP Main Event final table participant, had him by a nearly 6:1 chip advantage. Two double ups turned that disadvantage into the chip lead and on the final hand Boatwright was able to outrace Childs when his pocket 4's hit a full house on the flop. For defeating the field of 937 registrants, Boatwright took home a staggering $40,905, an amazing Borgata Poker Open trophy, and a unique, custom framed photograph provided by IMPDI. Not a bad days work for a $230 investment!

 Joe Boatwright (Woodbridge, VA) - Winner Event #23

The final ten, their seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Lee Childs (Charlestown, WV) - 1.1 million
Seat 2: Daryl Black (Voorhees, NJ) - 2.5 million
Seat 3: Catherine Dever (Ephrata, PA) - 1.7 million
Seat 4: Joe Boatwright (Woodbridge, VA) - 2.4 million
Seat 5: Chris Tinari (Pompton Lakes, NJ) - 3.7 million
Seat 6: Joe Chaplin (New York, NY) - 3.1 million
Seat 7: Frank Belasic (Cedar Grove, NJ) - 420K
Seat 8: Patti Haggerty (Brigantine, NJ) - 600K
Seat 9: Dennis Altman (Polk City, FL) - 2 million
Seat 10: Charlie Townsend (Dagsboro, DE) - 1.5 million 

It only took a few moments for us to lose our first player. A short stacked Patti Haggerty moved all in for 600K with the blinds at 60K/120K and received two callers in Chris Tinari and Joe Chaplin. The flop came AQQ♣ and Tinari led out for 600. Chaplin called. The turn was the 6 and Tinari bet again, this time for one million. Chaplin folded and Tinari turned over K♠Q♠ for flopped trip queens. Haggerty wasn't drawing dead with her pocket 7's but no miracle seven on the river meant her day was done. Haggerty was playing for a special cause as she tweeted early in the day:

 That meant a nice $400+ would be going to the family. Gracious gesture from a classy lady!

 Patti Haggerty (Brigantine, NJ) finished in 10th place winning $2,181.

Lee Childs, former WSOP Main Event final tablist, had held the chip lead for the majority of the latter part of the day before having a bad run right before the final table. With the blinds still at 60K/120K, Childs moved all in for approximately one million in chips. He was called by Joe Boatwright who held pocket 10's. Lee was in great shape with queens and was in even better shape when a queen flopped. A full house on the turn meant Lee would survive and double up to over two million in chips.

Frank Belasic came in as the shortest stack and down to his last 160K decided it was a good time to gamble with suited connectors and he called all in for less after Daryl Black had opened for 240K. Frank had the 4♣3♣ and was up against Daryl's pocket eights. The board was no help for Belasic and he was off to the cage to collect his winnings.

Frank Belasic (Cedar Grove, NJ) finished in 9th place winning $3,363.

With the blinds now at 80K/160K, Dennis Altman moved all in for 955K. Lee Childs asks for a count and after finding out how much it is makes the call. Altman has J9 which trails the A8♠ Lee has. Altman looks like he is heading to the rail after the flop comes A♠A♣Q to give Lee trip aces but the miracle of all miracle's comes for Altman as the turn is the K and the river is the T to give Altman runner-runner straight. Childs jumped out of his chair after the hand, walking off in disbelief. He would say later that was "the first time I've ever responded like that. It was just so improbable. Dennis in the meantime can only laugh. "What a stupid game," he says, almost giggling.

A short stacked Charlie Townsend then moved all in first to act for his last 800K. It was folded to Catherine Dever who announced that she was all in. "Uh oh," Charlie joked. "It's going to hurt getting beat by a girl." Charlie turned over Q♠J♣ and was in big trouble as Catherine had Aces. The board didn't improve Charlie's hand leading Catherine to tease the good-natured Charlie "you got beat by a girl!"

 Charlie Townsend (Dagsboro, DE) finished in 8th place winning $4,908.

There are different kinds of luck in poker. One might consider getting a big hand and getting no action a form of bad luck (others would argue that would be good luck). Regardless, Chris Tinari had to feel a little upset when as the chip leader he raised on back to back hands and got no action. His hands? Queens and Aces.

Daryl Black opened to 500K with the blinds at 100K/200K and found one caller in Catherine Dever. The flop came K♣88♣ and Black again bet 500K which was called by Dever. The turn was the 9♠ and this time Black moved all in, effectively setting Dever all in if she decided to call. And call she did, in about a nanosecond, as she had flopped quad 8's. A dejected Black could only turn over A-K and he shipped all but a few of his chips over to Dever who took over the chip lead with nearly six million in chips.

Joe Boatwright was down to 810K and moved it all in with the 9♠8♠. Dennis Altman had an easy call with A♣K♣ but it would be Boatman getting the last laugh as he hit two pair by the time the river was put out. "I was due to lose one, I shouldn't even be here," laughed Dennis.

Daryl Black was forced all in from the big blind for 180K which was 20K less than the 200K big blind. Catherine Dever limped under the gun and Lee Childs made the call from the small blind. The two would check it down all the way and the straight that Dever hit on the turn would be more than enough to knock out Daryl.

Daryl Black (Voorhees, NJ) finished in 7th place winning $6,453.

Lee Childs would double through Catherine Dever when he moved all in over the top of her 600K opening raise with the blinds at 100K/200K. Lee had 1.2 million more on top and Dever decided to make the call with the powerful AQ♠. It wasn't powerful enough, however, as Lee had pocket kings and would cruise to victory when he flopped a set.

Dennis Altman would survive several all ins with chopped pots. After one such hand, Dennis said "he lives, he lives" while laughing the entire time. "I used to sell anything," Dennis said. The table believes him, all laughing as a big grin comes over Altman's face as he adds "I'm one hell of a great liar too."

The three biggest stacks decided to take on one another when Chris Tinari opened for 455K and was called by both Lee Childs in the small blind and Catherine Dever in the big blind. The flop came T♠96♣ and all three players checked. Lee Childs led out for 550K after the 2 turn and both Dever and and Tinari made the call. Childs checked after the 6 river and Dever made a bet of 700K. Chris starts talking to himself and asks for a count of Dever's bet. Talking to himself, he eventually talks his way into a fold. The action is then on Childs who also takes his time, first counting out the chips for the call while turning the chips over in his hands. Finally he folds and Catherine shows a complete bluff with the 5♠3♠. It's a daring move that gets appreciation from all the players at the table.

The players went on a break and the chip counts were as follows:

Lee Childs 2.35 million
Catherine Dever 6.425 million
Joe Boatwright 1.9 million
Chris Tinari 4.815 million
Joe Chaplin 1.5 million
Dennis Altman 1.5 million

With the blinds at 120K/240K and down to his last million, Joe Chaplin moved all in and was called by Lee Childs. Chaplin had A-5 while Lee had A-9. The 9 kicker would end up playing and Chaplin was done for the evening.

Joe Chaplin (New York, NY) finishes in 6th place winning $8,089

The always laughing Dennis Altman would be next to go when he moved all in for 825K with the blinds at 120K/240K and was called by Lee Childs. Altman held a suited J-T that was dominated by Lee's A-J. The board ran out all blanks and Childs added Altman's chips to his ever growing stack.

Dennis Altman (Polk City, FL) finished in 5th place winning $9,998.

With the blinds now at 150K/300K, Lee Childs raised to 675K. Catherine Dever was one seat to Lee's left. She glanced at her cards and announced that she was all in. A huge over bet that was for an effective 5 million plus in chips. Childs instantly called and casually turned over kings yet again. "Bad timing," a sheepish Dever said. She was unable to hit a miracle and Childs doubled up and now assumed a commanding chip lead with nearly ten million in chips.

Double ups seemed to be the theme of the night and Joe Boatwright was the benefactor of several of these double ups including an A-Q that held up against the A-9 of Chris Tinari. "Aaaaaaahhhh," a frustrated Tinari said as the pot got sent to Joe. "How can you have A-Q there," says a slightly angry Chris, not believing his luck.

 The blinds are still at 150K/300K when Catherine Dever moves all in first to act from the button. Boatwright folds but Tinari is down to 1.6 million and is finding it difficult to fold only having five big blinds in front of him. He counts his chips, shakes his head, and asks the table to give him just a second. Looking at Catherine, he can only shake his head again while counting his chips. Cathy remains stoic but still makes an occasional glance over at Tinari. He counts his stack three different times all the while talking to himself. "Wow," he says. "Oh man." He looks at the tournament clock, knowing the blinds are going to be going up soon. "300," he says, referring to the size of the big blind. Looking at his cards again, this time with a stack of chips in his hands, Tinari again mutters about the big blind size. "300 again... Man...." Ultimately, Tinari decides he can't fold and makes the call with Q4♠ . Catherine has KJ♠ and is ahead but it would be Tinari who would outdraw Dever when the board comes Q-4-2-9-7 giving Tinari two pair. Chris started the hand with 1.6 million so the double up puts him up to approximately 3.5 million.

Dever doubles through Lee Childs with A6 against Lee's 8♠5♠ but it's only a small dent in Lee's stack - one million total. Lee continues to apply pressure, moving all in from the small blind when it is Dever's big blind. Catherine peeks at her cards, folds them, and giggles by going "tee hee" which draws laughter from the table.

The blinds moved up to 200K/400K and Childs raises to 950K. Chris Tinari decides he's had enough and moves all in from the big blind for the rest of his stack. Lee snap calls again... and again he has a big hand... this time kings. Tinari has an ace and some hope for a miracle. It doesn't happen though and he is eliminated.

Chris Tinari (Pompton Lakes, NJ) finished in 4th place winning $12,179.

Joe doubles through Catherine with a bit of good fortune when the two get it all in on a K-Q-8 flop with Catherine holding K-2 and Joe Q-9. The turn is a 3rd queen for Joe and he works on building his stack some more. All Catherine can do is say "Geeze".

After blinding down some and with the blinds an astronomical 200K/400K, Joe doubles up yet again through Catherine. This time only with Q-3 that hits two pair by the river. The two have virtually identical stacks when Catherine moves all in for his last 1.2 million and Joe looks her up. T-9 for Catherine and 8-7 for Joe. A seven on the flop gives Catherine the losing and and we are now heads up with Lee holding a significant chip advantage.

Catherine Dever (Ephrata, PA) finished in 3rd place and wins $14,542

With a nearly 15 million to 2.5 million chip advantage, you might think it was a lock that Lee Childs would win this tournament. So big was Lee's chip lead that the first time Boatwright called one of Lee's all ins he specifically stated "let's see if we can get you home" and then called with 98 which was up against Lee's K♠Q♠. An 8 flopped and now the chip lead was a more manageable (for Boatwright) 13 million to 5.2 million. The next double up would come when the two saw a 8-7-6 flop. Boatwright opened the action for 500K and was raised by Lee to one million. Boatwright moved all in and Lee called. Lee had 8-5 for top pair with an open ended straight draw. Joe had K-8 for top pair with a better kicker. The turn and river did not improve Lee's hand and Joe now had the chip lead with a 10 million to 8 million edge.

The final hand would see the two foes get it in heads up and the hand would be over quickly as 4's for Joe would hit a full house and that would be more than enough to win it all.

Lee Childs (Charlestown, WV) finished in 2nd place and wins $24,086.

Joe Boatwright is the winner of Event #23! Joe said after the tournament was over that "Lee is a great player but so am I." The 63 year old Boatwright, a retired Army Major, has been playing for years and over the past decade has started to take it more seriously. The $40,905 he took home for first place is the most he has ever won in a poker tournament and he plans on "sticking it in the bank." Make sure to leave some out to play your rush Joe!

Joe Boatwright (Woodbridge, VA) finished in 1st place winning $40,905

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