Friday, September 20, 2013

Event 24 Recap

2013 Borgata Poker Open $260 Buy-In + $40 Entry + $50 Bounty No Limit Hold'Em (Re-Entry)
Entrants: 194
Prize pool: $48,927


Ivan Loh entered the final table as the chip leader but would lose two big pots early on to fall to the middle of the pack. Loh never panicked though as was able to pick up a few key pots before re-emerging as the chip leader three handed. Winning a big race against 3rd place finisher Eric Rivkin propelled Loh into a comfortable chip lead entering heads up play. After doubling up eventual runner up John Zentner, Loh would win one more race with pocket 5's against John's A-9. "It's my first tournament win ever," Loh said. Ivan did finish in 3rd place in a 2013 Borgata Summer Poker Open event for $16,897 which he said was his biggest tournament score.

Ivan Loh (Rockville, MD) - 1st place - $14,677

When the final table started, our final nine looked like this:
Seat 1: Ivan Loh (Rockville, MD) 640K
Seat 2: Chris Tinari (Pomtpon Lakes, NJ) 450K
Seat 3: Bob "Bullet" DeMartino (Manahawkin, NJ) 220K
Seat 4: Ron Vitello (New York City, NY) 250K
Seat 5: Jeffrey Cole (Manahawkin, NJ) 300K
Seat 6: John Zentner (Las Vegas, NV) 315K
Seat 7: Hector Dominguez (Carteret, NJ) 150K
Seat 8: Eric Rivkin (East Hampton, NY) 390K
Seat 9: Norm Michalek (Westfield, NJ) 280K 

Here were some of the key hands over the course of the final table:
--Bob DeMartino doubled up to over 500K when his queens held up against Ivan Loh's A-K.
--John Zentner tripled up in a massive three way all in pot when his pocket jacks were able to best the pocket 10's of Ron Vitello and the A-K of Chris Tinari.
--Bob DeMartino would then take out both Vitello and Tinari on the same hand when he flopped the nut straight.
--Bob DeMartino and Jeffrey Cole would see a flop of 8♣7♣7 and DeMartino would move all in for 360K into a pot of just over 100K. Cole would call with pocket kings. DeMartino was on a draw with the 9♠6♠. The turn would give DeMartino the straight as it was the T♣. No miracle card came on the river and DeMartino scooped the huge pot and crippled Cole in the process.
--DeMartino would then proceed to give away most of those chips when he open shoved for over 30 big blinds with pocket 9's and was called by Eric Rivkin (who had 28 big blinds) and his pocket aces. The aces held and Rivkin assumed the chip lead.
--Three handed John Zentner would double up against Eric with A♣3♣ against Rivkin's K♣J♣. Rivkin would flop a jack but an ace on the turn would give Zentner the pot.
--Eric would be eliminated in 3rd place when his A-K could not outdraw Ivan Loh's pocket 6's.

The order of finish and payouts were as follows:

1st place - Ivan Loh (Rockville, MD) $14,677
2nd place - John Zentner (Las Vegas, NV) $8,073
3rd place - Eric Rivkin (East Hampton, NY) $4,648
4th place - Hector Dominguez (Carteret, NJ) $3,914
5th place - Bob "Bullet" DeMartino (Manahawkin, NJ) $2,936
6th place - Jeffrey Cole (Manahawkin, NJ) $2,446
7th place - Norm Michalek (Westfield, NJ) $1,957
8th place - Chris Tinari (Pompton Lakes, NJ) $1,468
9th place - Ron Vitello (New York, NY) $1,101

Ivan Loh wins the tournament and for his excellent play will receive $14,677, a beautiful Borgata Poker Open trophy and a unique, custom framed photograph provided by IMPDI.  Loh is mainly a cash game player that lately has started to play more tournaments, especially here at Borgata. "Whenever I come to Atlantic City, this is the only place I go," said Loh. Ivan went on to add that the key hand for him in the tournament was shortly before the final table when he got involved in a three way all in hand with A-Q suited against another big stack with pocket 10's and a short stack with pocket aces. "I hit a one outer ace to win a 600K side pot," said Loh. "That hand was really the one that put me in good position at the final table."

Congratulations on your win Ivan!!!

 Ivan Loh, Winner of Event #24

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