Friday, September 13, 2013

Event 15 Recap

2013 Borgata Poker Open
Event #15 - $350 Buy-In + $50 Entry Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold'Em (Re-Entry)
Number of Entrants: 245
Total Prize Pool: $83,178


By far the shortest stack with four players left to play, professional poker player David Rosenau never panicked and was able to pick up some key hands and pots at the right time in order to cruise to victory over what was one of the toughest final four seen here at Borgata. His foes were none other than "Miami" John Cernuto who would finish in 4th, Tim Little who would finish in 3rd, and eventual runner-up Paul Spitzberg. The long-time poker pro was down to just under 200K when he doubled up against John Cernuto with A-J against A-8. Another double up later, he then took the chip lead when he bested Cernuto again... this time with A-Q against A-J. David continued his hot run by eliminating Tim Little next when he flopped top pair against Tim's middle pair. Heads up it only took a few hands as this time David's pocket 7's would flop a set against Spitzberg's A-9 to give him the tournament victory and the $23,286 first place prize, Borgata trophy and a customized 16 x 20 framed photo with Borgata chip and event information plaque.

 David Rosenau, Winner Event #15 - $23,286

When our final ten started the seating assignments and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Michael Golub, Bayside, NY 300K
Seat 2: David Rosenau, Absecon, NJ 325K
Seat 3: Bill Kitzerow, Southold, NY 100K
Seat 4: Alyson Parker, Plainsboro, NJ 100K
Seat 5: John Cernuto, Las Vegas, NV 325K
Seat 6: Steve Seeleman, Westchester, PA 70K
Seat 7: David Heck, Colts Neck, NJ 350K
Seat 8: Kevin Haynes, New York, NY 550K
Seat 9: Paul "Gray Aces" Spitzberg, Tenafly, NJ 1.0 million
Seat 10: Tim Little, Cheverly, MD 400K 

Play moved quickly as all of the short stacks would fall by the wayside. There were numerous big hands that took place over the course of the final table. First, Paul Spitzberg would eliminate both Bill Kitzerow and Alyson Parker on the same hand when he picked up kings against Kitzerow's 8's and Parker's queens. Paul would get kings again and eliminate Steve Seeleman in the process. Then it was Tim Little's turn to pick up a big pair and his queens would send David Heck off to the cashier's cage. Michael Golub would pick up two big pairs. The first, queens, would double him up against John Cernuto. The second, kings, would send a good chunk of his stack off to David Rosenau when Rosenau's A-J hit an ace. Kevin Haynes then picked up kings to double through Rosenau. 

When play got four handed, John Cernuto doubled through Paul Spitzberg with A-K against A-Q and then would lose most of those chips to David Rosenau when his A-J was no match for Rosenau's A-Q. The final hand of the tournament pitted Paul Spitzberg with a suited A-9 against the 7's of Rosenau. David would flop a set and that would be the end of the tournament.

The payouts for the final ten were as follows:

1st - David Rosenau $23,286
2nd - Paul Spitzberg $13,724
3rd - Tim Little $7,902
4th - John Cernuto $6,405
5th - Kevin Haynes $4,991
6th - Michael Golub $4,159
7th - David Heck $3,327
8th - Steve Seeleman $2,495
9th - Bill Kitzerow $1,664
10th - Alyson Parker $1,081

This is Rosenau's 2nd Borgata Open win as he won a 7 Card Stud tournament in the 2012 Borgata Winter Open. He also had a 7th place finisher earlier this week in the H.O.R.S.E. tournament. "I'm tired," a weary Rosenau said. "I mainly play cash games. I don't play tournaments much." Rosenau said he doesn't have any plans on playing the Championship Event.

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