Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Championship: Last Break, Last Level

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1,200/2,400/400 ante

216 players are back from break with an average stack of 165k (69 bb). This is the last 90 minute of the night with play ending at ~1:05 pm.

Tweet Counts

Frank Valgenti 432k
Justin Zaki 412k
Cliff Josephy 282k
Cherish Andrews 240k
Jonathan Little 220k
Artyem Perlov 185k
Brian Lemke 165k
Tyler Patterson 145k
Jesse Cohen 140k
Matt Salsberg 128k
Matt Affleck 100k
Ken Adams 95k
Kevin Saul 64k
Kevin Lutz 52k

Recently Busted

Manh Nguyen
Mike Gagliano
Rob Brown

Championship: Busto Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Event 22: Almost final table time

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 6K/12K Ante 2K

There are 13 players remaining with an average stack of 288K (24 big blinds). Final table should be soon. We will be there to provide coverage from start to finish once it does start.

Event 22: 11 am Results & Remaining Prize Pool

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Entries: 250
Total Buy-In: $87,500


1st $23,763
2nd $14,004
3rd $8,063
4th $6,535
5th $5,093
6th $4,244
7th $3,395
8th $2,546
9th $1,698
10th $1,103
11th Joe Cumia (Port Jefferson Station, NY) $1,103
12th Robert Pellegrino $1,103
13th  Kavita Agraharapu $934
14th  Elan Chabi $934
15th John Whitworth $934
16th Matthew Nicholson $849
17th  Larry Wolf $849
18th Mike Holm  (Naperville, IL) $849
19th  Howie Eintracht (Paia, HI) $764
20th Mark Giordano (Lindenhurst, NY) $764
21st William Oliver (Charlotte, NC) $764
22nd Elia Ahmadian (Chantilly, VA) $764
23rd Lance Funston (Penn Valley, PA) $764
24th Marc Remmes (Montauk, NY) $764
25th Johannes Mueller (Pittsford, NY) $764
26th No Report
27th Stephanie Hubbard (Hazlet, NJ) $764

Championship: A little luck never hurts...

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1K/2K Ante 300

Daniel Buzgon was in the big blind facing a raise from Jonathan Little from the cutoff. Buzgon three bet it 11.7K. Little made it 26K. Buzgon moves all in and Little snap calls with Aces. Buzgon has jacks. A player at the table announces it as soon as he sees it "Jack ball" - a jack on the flop and Buzgon survives and wins a nice pot in the process. He's up over 275K.

Daniel Buzgon making sure he gets his full double up

At another table, Cherish Andrews took out two short stacks in a three way all in confrontation. Her A-Q bested a pair of 8's and 6's when a queen flopped. She said after the hand "I win the pots I need to." She is up to 130K after the hand.

Cherish Andrews after winning a nice pot

Championship: All Poker All the Time

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 14: Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante 

 Patterson (left) Checks Out ESPN in Between Hands

"This hand is so weird," says Tyler Patterson (Everett, WA), "I don't know why he didn't just nuke the turn," as he and Mike Gagliano (Rockaway, NJ) analyze the hand in progress.

Commenting on a current hand is a big no-no, but tonight in the Event Center it's happening all over the room.  Players have one eye on the big screens and are reacting to ESPN's coverage of the this year's WSOP Main Event.

"This (tv) for sure," says Patterson when asked if he's paying more attention to the poker on tv or the action at his table.

Chris Lindh (Brooklyn, NY), who is still in the Championship Event, is particularly glued to the screens.
He finished in 16th place this summer for $358,000 tweets:

Championship: Lucky Ladies

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1K/2K Ante 300

There is a very strong female presence left in the field - over 5% of the remaining field. Among those seen playing:

Katayon Khaterzai 370K
Amanda Musumeci 260K
Vanessa Selbst 200K
Melissa Burr 140K
Grace Sun 125K
Kara Scott 120K
Ebony Kenney 100K
Nancy Martin 100K
Cherish Andrews 85K
Jamie Kerstetter 85K
Ronit Chamani 85K
Christina Lindley 75K
Danielle Andersen 60K

Musumeci was down to 15K yesterday and got it up to 60K by the end of the day. She had run it up to over 300K before recently losing a decent sized pot with Kings:

Event 22 Update

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 4K/8K Ante 1K

There are 20 players remaining with an average stack of 188K (23 big blinds). We'll expand our coverage once they get down to the final table.

Championship: Stacks building

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1000/2000 Ante 300 

Players have just gone on a break after the completion of level 13. When they return, they will be playing 1K/2K with a 300 ante. There are 261 players remaining. Some big stacks are building with the following approximate chip counts:

Frank Valgenti 475K
Justin Zaki 400K
Jonathan Little 395K
Paul Volpe 375K
Amanda Musumeci 325K

November Niner Ryan Riess is sitting pretty at over 250K and is staring up at the big screen watching the WSOP Main Event coverage. I asked him when he'll start showing up in the coverage and he said he thinks next week. Ironically, one table over Kara Scott, hostess of the coverage is also watching it saying "you all should watch this, I hear it's great." 

A few recent Twitter updates:

Championship: Borgata Babes

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 14: Blinds 1k/2k/300 ante

 (l-r) Khazanova, Khait & Vlasova

Anna Khait (Brooklyn, NY) didn't satellite into the Championship Event, but still has a rooting interest.  Several players are pledging a portion of their winnings to the AMA Animal Rescue in New York, a nonprofit she and her friends Anna Khazanova & Mariya Vlasova founded.

With ~250 players remaining, Anthony Zinno, Joe Liberta and Greg Rudolph are three players who are hoping to make the money and donate to the cause.

"I rescued a cat," says Rudolph, "so it's something that's personal for me."

Rudolph is at 85k (43 bb) and side-by-side with Zinno who is at 285k (143k).

Khait isn't just another pretty face, but a serious player who donates as well.  She gave 20% of her
winnings (~$600 of $3,035 earnings) from Event 1 when she finished in 110th place out of nearly 4,500 entries.

Khait has played many events throughout the series, but is taking tonight off to celebrate her birthday and sweat the Championship Event.

Rudolph & Zinno

Event 22: In the money

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Blinds 2.5K/5K Ante 500

They are in the money - it only took one hand to burst the bubble and it took only two more hands before we lost two more players including Stephanie Hubbard who ran jacks into kings to finish in 27th place. 25 players remain making the average chip stack 150K (30 big blinds). Sean Cunix still looks to be leading the way.

Championship: This Time Tomorrow....

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 13, Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante

...we will be in the money, meaning ~2/3 of the players (315) returning from dinner break will walk away with nothing more than memories and experience.

In 2012 the bubble broke just before 5 pm on Day 3 as documented here and we expect a similar time frame tomorrow.

The field plays three more levels tonight with Day 2 bag and tag at ~1 am.

Event 22: 11 am Payouts

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Entries: 250
Total Buy-In: $87,500

Place - Amount

1st $23,763
2nd $14,004
3rd $8,063
4th $6,535
5th $5,093
6th $4,244
7th $3,395
8th $2,546
9th $1,698
10-12 $1,103
13-15 $934
16-18 $849
19-27 $764

Event 22: 11 am Dinner Break & Bubble Time

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Dinner Break, Play Resumes 8:35 pm

Cunix with Chips

While the bubble won't break in the Championship Event until Wednesday afternoon, we're only two spots from the money in the 11 am trophy event.

29 players remain with an average stack of 129k (26 bb) with 27 making the money.

Former chip leader Jeremy Costa (Atlanta, GA) says he busted with pocket 10s right before dinner break when he shipped his last 75k to WPT Champion Sean Cunix (Galena, OH) who had pocket Aces.

Cunix is up to 290k (58 bb).

Championship: Dinner Break Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Championship: Dinner Break Tweet Counts

 $3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Jonathan Little 365k
Frank Valgenti 345k
Brian Lemke 325k
Amanda Musumeci 275k
Cliff Josephy 250k
Justin Zaki 200k
Jared Jaffee 175k
Matt Affleck 175k
Robert Buckenmayer 162k
John Allan Hinds 158k
Matt Salsberg 135k
Jamie Kerstetter 130k
Alex Rocha 124k
Kara Scott 120k
Mike Gagliano 119k
Tony Sinishtaj 104k
Ralph Massey 101k
D.J. MacKinnon 94k
Robert Hwang 83k
Kevin McColgan 78k
Tyler Patterson 75k
James Schafer 75k
Jason Deutsch 70k
Tom Wang 62k
Kevin Saul 61k
Melissa Burr 60k
Cherish Andrews 55k
Rob Brown 30k
Matt Brady 27k
James Campbell 15k

Recently Busted  

James Woods
Pierre Deissler
Lee Childs
Justin Levy
Peter Ippolito
Anthony Cicali III 

Championship: Dinner Break

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

315 players remain with an average stack of 113k (71 bb) with play resuming at 8:05 pm.

The chip leaders are between 350 and 400k and includes Tyler Gaston (Westerville, OH), WPT Champion Jonathan Little (Las Vegas, NV) and Paul Volpe (West Chester, PA).

Championship: Day Two Photo Slideshow

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Championship: Woods Drawing Dead, Exits Main

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 12: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante 

Woods Tables his Final Hand

After surviving his first all in with a chopped pot, actor James Woods isn't as lucky on his final hand.

"I'm drawing dead," says the academy award nominee and poker enthusiast after John Racener, the 2010 WSOP Main Event runner-up, turns over a set of Queens.

Woods tables A-8 with one card to go and says, "good game everyone."  Then with some quick wit he says, "wait I have a flush," as Woods rearranges the board and grabs Racener's Queen of hearts to make his Ace suited.

Woods was down to 6k, losing 2/3 of his stack on a previous table, explaining that his pocket 10s were bested by A♣ 10♣ when his opponent hit runner-runner flush.  The hand, which took Woods from 60k (50 bb) to less than 20k, is notable because on the deal the opponent's second card flashed and the 9 was replaced.

After discussing the hand with Tournament Director Tab Duchateau, Woods' is satisfied that the card was properly removed from play because multiple players said it flashed.  "Good that makes me feel better," as he heads out the Event Center door.

Despite not cashing in this event, Woods' stay at Borgata was profitable after finishing runner-up in Event 20 for $17,214. 

Woods Discusses the Flashed Card with Duchateau (right) and Will Failla

Championship: Tweet-Outs Before Dinner

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 12:  Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante 

End of level 12 and time for dinner!  Players have been dispatched on a 75 minute dinner break.

Play will resume at 8:05pm.

These folks Tweeted their departures before the end of the level:

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds 48s
Get in 22 BB AK<JJ. Out. :( Thx @BorgataPoker for another stellar tournament for the players. GL to the cool kids still in.

Peter Ippolito ‏@peter_ippolito 48m
Finally busted borgata main. Kinda surprised by it

matt berkey ‏@berkey11 12m
Uneventful day 2, as the Borgata claims another small piece of my soul. Ran AK into KK to bust. #HomewardBound

Justin Levy ‏@Roothlus2 1m

Championship: Every Move Counts

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 12: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante 

Lemke & Wisiak

Long levels, deep stacks and nearly $3.8 million in the prize pool means every Day 2 decision is carefully considered.

On table 4, Borgata trophy holder and WSOP bracelet winner Brian Lemke (Norristown, PA) and Bobby "Wiz" Wisiak (Freash Meadows, NY) tread lightly in a recent pot.

Lemke (UTG) raises preflop to 3k with Wisak and third player coming along.

Flop: 7 A♠ 2

Lemke c-bets to 4,200, Wisak reraises to 8,500, the third player gets out of the way, Lemke calls.

Turn: 3♠

Lemke check-calls a 10,200 bet.

River: 8♣

Both players check the river and Lemke tables AJ with Wisiak saying, "smaller Ace," while tossing his hand into the muck.  "I knew I couldn't get you off the hand."

Each decision was made with caution as the pursuit continues with Lemke up to 225k (188 bb), while Wisak drops to 95k (59 bb).

Championship: New Chip Leaders

 $3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 12:  Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante 

Tyler Gaston

Tyler Gaston (Westerville, OH) is up to 350k and appears to be leading the field.

Frank Valgenti

Frank Valgenti (Manasquan, NJ) is close behind with 340k.

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little (Las Vegas, NV) is also hovering around 340k.

38 tables remain.  That's about 340 players, averaging 105k.

Championship: Sun Burns Arieh

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 12:  Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante

 Josh Arieh's All-In Moment Against Grace Sun, as David Kim Looks On

Josh Arieh (Marietta, GA) got his last chips in with AK off, but ran into Grace Sun's (Absecon, NJ) pocket Kings. 

The board ran out T 2 2 J 8 and was no help to Josh.  He hit the rail.

Grace chipped up to about 170k.

Event 22: 11 am Chip Leader - Costa

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante

Jeremy Costa 
Chip Leader

Jeremy Costa (Atlanta, GA) wins a 150k chip pot when his pocket Aces hold against pocket 8s to take his chip count to 200k.

70 players remain with an average stack of 54k (34 bb).

Championship: Recent Departures

 $3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 12:  Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante

Vinny Pahuja (Hicksville, NY) got his last chips in with AK suited and ran into BOTH pocket Queens and pocket Aces.  He's departed this event.

 Dearly Departed:  John Holley, Loni Harwood, Aaron Massey, & Ari Engel

Also gone:

John Holley
Loni Harwood
Aaron Massey
Ari Engel

Championship: Break Time Chip Chirps

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 12:  Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante   

Players are back from their third break.  43 tables remain.  About 385 players.  Average is ~93k.

Break Time Chip Chirps:

Frank Valgenti - 305k
Jonathan Little - 300k
Justin Zaki - 227k
Cliff Josephy - 162k
Robert Buckenmayer - 142k
Artyem Perlov - 130k
Ryan Olisar - 127k
Kevin Lutz - 125k
James Schafer - 123k
Jason Deutsch - 120k
Mike Gagliano - 120k
Matt Salsberg - 100k
Tom Wang - 96k
>>>>>> Average stack - 93k
Kevin Saul - 86k
Jamie Kerstetter - 85k
Matt Affleck - 83k
Sheddy88 - 82k
Kevin McColgan - 80k
Tyler Patterson - 55k
Jarrod Ludemann - 42k
Cherish Andrews - 40k
>>>>>> Starting stack - 30k
Robert Hwang - 29k
Lee Childs - 24k
Rob Brown - 21k
David Stefanski - 16,600
John Holley - 12k

Championship: More Goners

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 11:  Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante 

 Joe McKeehen

Joe McKeehen (North Wales, PA) shoved on the flop of A 5 4 holding AK for top/top.  Unfortunately for Joe, his opponent held pocket 4s and had flopped a set.  Joe's toast.

More Tweet-Outs:

Cathy Dever ‏@CathyDever 40m
Out of the Borgata main 666/JJJ flop. Heartbroken :(

Orson Young ‏@YoungOrson 37m
Busto.Open 3callers I shove BB w 18bbs w 99, 2nd caller isos 35bbs w KQ, 3rd caller calls and covers w AA. Fun board ofJ 73 turn 9 riv T lol

Orson Young ‏@YoungOrson 36m
Great tournament as always, GL to friends still in! Hoping a Borg reg goes deep.

Zo Karim ‏@PakmanMMA 13m
Open black AA to 2k with 27k to start. Bb calls. J72dd he leads 3k I shove he calls q7o n turn q

Zo Karim ‏@PakmanMMA 2m
So, prob gonna eat a lot of ice cream since I busted Borgata main. Anyone in want any? #mytreat

Steve Tabb ‏@Tabb_City 12m
Out of the main after KK < AJ and KQ vs Ac3c on Kc54c board. The experience was worth $3500 though. #joke

Borgata & WPT Expand Relationship

Adam Pliska, WPT President, made a huge announcement here in the Event Center a short while ago.

The World Poker Tour and Borgata are expanding their relationship. 

First, starting in 2014, the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship will once again become a televised WPT event.

Then the really big news:  for the first time in WPT history, the Season XII WPT World Championship will leave Las Vegas and be held here at Borgata in the Spring of 2014.

That means that in Season XII there will be not one, not two, but THREE televised WPT events held here at Borgata!

Event 22: 11 am Plugging Along

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Level 10: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante 

The 11 am trophy event is running side-by-side the Championship Event and the field is down to 110 of ~250 entries.

Familiar Faces Still Grinding

Mike Holm
Stephanie Hubbard
Sean Cunix
Jordan Ludwig
Toby Kasser
"G.I. Joe Boatwright
Jason LaTourette

Championship: November Niner Leads

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 11:  Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante  

Ryan Riess - November Niner

Ryan Riess (Port Austin, MI) is the new chip leader with ~310k.  He's also a member of the 2013 WSOP November Nine. 

At 23 years old, he is the youngest player remaining in the WSOP Main Event and is the middle of the pack chips-wise, with four players ahead of him and four players with fewer chips.

Ryan has a business degree from Michigan State.

Championship: Break Time Chip Chirps

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 11:  Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante 

50 tables remain.  450 players active.  Average stack 79k.

Keep those Tweets coming!  #BPO

Never too late to check the Tweets.  Here are the latest chip chirps:

Jonathan Little - 280k
Frank Valgenti - 250k
Justin Zaki - 218k
Kevin Lutz - 110k
Mike Gagliano - 110k
Ryan Olisar - 110k
Ken Adams - 98k
Sheddy88 - 92k
Kevin Saul - 90.8k
Tom Wang - 90k
Andy Frankenberger - 90k
Tyler Patterson - 82k
Steve Scales - 80k
Kara Scott - 80k
>>>>>> Average stack - 79k
Robert Buckenmayer - 78k
Amanda Musumeci - 75k
James Campbell - 70k
John Lakatosh - 66k
Zo Karim - 65k
Lee Childs - 60l
Jarod Ludemann - 60k
Mike Summers - 55k
Matt Affleck - 50k
Ari Engel - 48k
Bob Hwang - 46
John Holley - 41k
Matt Salsberg - 40k
Artyem Perlov - 40k
Joe McKeehen - 39,500
>>>>>> Starting stack - 30k
Rob Brown - 21k
Jesse Cohen - 19k
Allison Schultz - 14k
Mike Hahn - 13k
Justin Levy - 10k

Championship: Goners

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 11:  Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante 

Players have returned from their second break, except for these folks:

John Zentner (Las Vegas, NV) got his last chips in with AK against Ken 'Teach' Aldridge's pocket Kings.  John couldn't find an Ace on the board and has reported to the rail.

Ditto Pete Malkoun (Brookhaven, PA).

Marguerite Spagnuolo

Marguerite Spagnuolo (Staten Island, NY) reported that her two pair fell victim to a gutterball.  She is also gone.  Marguerite won the Ladies Event during the 2013 Borgata Summer Poker Open, cashing for $4,766.

Eric Rappaport

Eric Rappaport (Lansdale, PA) got his pocket Kings cracked by pocket Queens.  Eric won event 4, the $500 Deep Stack NLH, good for over $45,000.

Championship: V. Pahuja Gets Owned & Tweets It

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante  

Vinny Pahuja (Hicksville, NY) made a bad laydown and admitted it on twitter, then announced he's on tilt:

Championship: Lead Changes

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante  

Paul Volpe (West Chester, PA) started the day with the chip lead, but has lost a little ground.

Justin Zaki

Justin Zaki (Tierra Verde, FL) was up to 240k at the break we believe held the lead at that time.

 Nick Frangos

Now it looks like Nick Frangos (Mays Landing, NJ) is the chip leader with over 250k.

Championship: Two More Out The Door

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante 

David Zeitlin

David Zeitlin (Brooklyn, NY) busted in a "standard flip spot" and is headed home.

Jack Schanbacher (Pittsburgh, PA) lost a race with AK against pocket Queens and is also headed home.

Championship: Sirota Survives

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante 

Aleksander Sirota's All-In Moment

Aleksander Sirota (Manalapan, NJ) was all-in from the small blind and actor James Woods (Beverly Hills, CA) was in the tank.

After James folded, Aleksander showed AQ suited.  "I had 52 of spades, swear to God" James said.  "I'm 37% against that hand."  Proving he's not just a pretty face, but knows his poker.

Aleksander final tabled event 8, the Deeper Stack NLH event, finishing 6th for $22,524, proving he's not just a pretty face, either.

Championship: Chip Chirps

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante

Play has resumed after the color-up break.  58 tables remain in action, nine handed, so about 520 players.  Average stack is ~ 69k.

Here are the chip chirps from the break:

Justin Zaki - 240k
Jonathan Little - 150k
Cliff Josephy - 148-150kish
Ryan @OlyDaJew - 124k
Dan Buzgon - 117k
Michael Gagliano - 116k
Sheddy88 - 94,500
Kevin Saul - 92k
Kevin Lutz - 90k
James Schafer - 90k
Lee Childs - 89k
Ari Engel - 80k
John Holley - 72k
>>>>>> Average stack - 69k
Marguerite Spagnuolo - 65.2k
Ken Adams - 65k
Tyler Patterson - 62k
Ken Adams - 61k
Justin Levy - 60k
Steve Scales - 53k
Matt Affleck - 52k
Manh Nguyen - 50kish
Joe McKeehen - 47,400
Pierre Deissler - 44k
Mike Hahn - 40k
Matt Salsberg - 36k
Kevin McColgan - 35k
>>>>>> Starting stack - 30k
Jesse Cohen - 30k
Tom Wang - 28k
Loni Harwood - 28k
David Stefanski - 27,700
Bob Hwang - 27k
Chris Leong - 21k
Artyem Perlov - 20k
David Zeitlin - 15k
Rob Brown - 12.3k

Championship: First Break

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 9:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante

End of level 9 and players are enjoying their first break of the day.

During this break, the green 25 chips are being colored up and removed from play.

These folks have reported their demise via Twitter:

Tim Chang
Gionni Demers
Joe Kuether
Michael Marder

Championship: Laak Ready For Snow

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 9:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante 

Phil Laak

Phil Laak was playing today and sporting his ski goggles (???).  Not sure if he was planning to hit the slopes somewhere after exiting the event.

That exit has already occurred, so he must be in search of some deep powder by now.

Alyson Parker

Also gone is Ladies Event winner Alyson Parker (Plainsboro, NJ) whose pocket Tens were run down by both AK and a flush draw.

Championship: Baldwin Busts One

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 9:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante 

Eric Baldwin

On a flop of Q 7 3, a short-stack was all-in against Eric 'basebaldy' Baldwin (Henderson, NV).

The shortie had Q6 for top pair, but Eric held AQ for top/top.

The last two fell T A and Eric improved to Aces-up, while his opponent headed for the exit.

Championship: Early Exits

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 9:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante

Tim Little's All-In Moment

Tim Little (Cheverly, MD) got all-in for his last 16,950 holding pocket Jacks, but ran into pocket Queens. 

Tim picked up a flush draw on the turn, but bricked the river and hit the rail.

Tim has three cashes in this series including two final tables.  He finished 2nd in event 2 for $31,579 and finished 3rd in the Seniors event for $7,902. 

Stephanie Hubbard

Stephanie Hubbard (Hazlet, NJ) got her chips in good with pocket Queens, racing against the AK of Prahlad Friedman (Malibu, CA).  A King on the turn spelled the end for Stephanie.

David Inselberg

David Inselberg (Long Beach, NY) got all-in on the turn after flopping two pair with his KJ.  His opponent was behind with pocket Aces, then hit an Ace on the River to end David's tournament.

Championship: Day Two Underway

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Level 9:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante

The event center is jam-packed as 591 players have returned for day two. Average stack is 60k (100 big blinds).

Levels are 90 minutes long today and they will play seven levels (through level 15).

Cards are in the air.

Video Recap: Event 16 & 17

As the Borgata Poker Open $3,500 televised WPT Championship event drew closer, we began to see many of the well known pros from all over the country arrive. Both event 16 ($2,150 Heads Up Bounty) and event 17 ($1,090 6-Max) attracted some ridiculously tough fields with different formats and big buy-ins.

We saw past WPT players of the year, bracelet holders, and numerous former Borgata trophy winners take their shots at both prestigious titles. Both events drew a larger than normal rail, especially during the final table of the 6-Max, and we documented on film the action for those who couldn't be there:

Championship: Restarts at Noon

$3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH

Even though Day Two of the Championship event has not yet begun, Twitter is already buzzing with hopeful Tweets:

Paul Spitzberg ‏@PaulTheGrayAceS 2h
Made it to day 2. Albeit with only a short stack of $38,000. Will need some cards early on day 2.

Cliff Josephy ‏@JohnnyBaxPoker 1h
I got a great draw. @mcmattopoker @brianchastings @MukulPahuja @jeffpapola and Ari Albila did not(no, they are not at my table) #WPTBorgata

Victor Ramdin ‏@victorramdin 1h
Forgot to mention made it to day2 @borgatapoker 3mil guarntee tourney (2bullets) 61k playing 300/600 blinds restart at noon today

Pierre Deissler ‏@PierreDeissler 55m
Wpt Borgata Main day 2. 46k 300/600/75. Slow n steady. GL to all the CoolKidz & grt8 peeps. #teamITM #teamTPE #tpedge

Loni Harwood ‏@Luscious_Lon 17m
Restart for the borgata main at 12. Coming back to 300/600 with 38k. Looks like I got a good table draw. #InHuntOfDay3

Stephanie Hubbard ‏@StephHub31 12m
GL to everyone I know on Day 2 of the WPT @BorgataPoker! But more luck to me since I am way way at the bottom of the pack and need aces ASAP

Eric Rappaport ‏@Rappy300 11m
Day 2 of the Wpt Borgata $3500 3 mill gtd. Got 17k going into 300-600. Lets run this up!! #WhyNotUs

Zo Karim ‏@PakmanMMA 8m
Day 2 of this borgata timbey #hopeIgetAces #often #yaknoooooo

Cherish Andrews ‏@CherishAndrews 3m
Borgata main event restart at noon. Have 152k at 300/600. GL to all friends in as well.

 Justin Zaki ‏@Justin_Zaki 3m
About to start up day 2 of Borgata. 88k goin to 300-600.

Michael Hahn ‏@mrhahn5 2m
Day 2 of Borgata $3500 kicking off in 20. ~600 of 1200 remain, $825k to 1st. Follow @ChipcountHahn for updates

Jared Jaffee ‏@jaredjaffee21 1m
Firing up day 2 of borgata main event in 20 min... Over 800k to first #illtakeit

John Racener ‏@racener 3m
I had breakfast in Atlantic City, now playing day 2 of borgata main event, and then having lunch in Tampa #WONDERFUCKINGWHY

Lee Childs ‏@leechilds 2m
Day 2. @BorgataPoker @WPT main Event. Sitting w about avg stack. 90 min levels. Love this place & their structures.

Melissa Burr ‏@burrrrrberry 3m
Bringing out the big guns for day2 borgata wpt.. hope these lucky charms bring me luck!! Gl friends playing! pic.twitter.com/9qqXCoMup4

Jonathan Little ‏@JonathanLittle 1m
Today is day 2 of the @WPT at @borgatapoker. I will have something like 75 big blinds.

Event 22: Post-liminary Events

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 2:  Blinds 50/100

If the events leading up to the Championship are preliminary events, then the events beginning after the Championship are post-liminary events.

There are four post-liminary events this week, starting at 11am each day, today through Friday.  These are main events, which mean the winner of each will receive a Borgata Poker Open trophy and customized 16 x 20 framed photo with Borgata chip and event information plaque, courtesy of Borgata and IMPDI professional photography.

So even if you're out of the Championship, you've still got four shots at making history at Borgata!

Event 22: Underway

$350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 1:  Blinds 25/50

Today's other trophy event is a straight-up No Limit Hold'em tournament.  No bounties, no deep stacks, just poker.

All levels are 30 minutes long and this is a one day event, so they'll play all night until a winner is determined.

Late registration and re-entry are available through level 6 (about 2:30pm).

Cards are in the air!

Championship - Start of Day 2 Table Assignments & Chip Counts

WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship
$3,300 + $200 Deep Stack Double Play No Limit Hold'em
September 15-20, 2013

Entries:  1,189
Total Buy-In:  $3,923,700

Players Remaining:  591
Average Chip Stack:  60,000

T01 | S01-   JOSHUA LEVKOV (NEW YORK, NY):  150,025
T01 | S03-   STEVEN DANNENMANN (SEVERN, MD):  54,500
T01 | S04-   SHANKAR PILLAI (NEW YORK, NY):  51,100
T01 | S05-   CARLOS CHADHA (WASHINGTON, DC):  163,675
T01 | S06-   JOHN GORDON (SEMINOLE, FL):  105,875
T01 | S08-   MICHEL BITTAN (ENGLEWOOD, NJ):  50,650

T02 | S02-   FRANK WALKER (ROCKAWAY PARK, NY):  44,700
T02 | S04-   JOSEPH SACCONE (VENICE, CA):  31,250
T02 | S05-   JAMES CAMPBELL (MARLBORO, MA):  82,025
T02 | S06-   JAROSLAW OSINSKI (NAPLES, FL):  92,850
T02 | S07-   JORDAN CRISTOS (PALM DALE, CA):  70,225
T02 | S08-   THOMAS STALBA (HAMMONTON, NJ):  41,700
T02 | S09-   DAVID JONES (YORK, PA):  109,675

T03 | S02-   PAUL SHEDAKER (CROYDON, PA):  20,725
T03 | S03-   HEND MATTHEWS (BRIGANTINE, NJ):  85,000
T03 | S05-   DAVID BELL (SUNRISE, FL):  104,175
T03 | S06-   JEFFREY MADSEN (LOS ANGELES, CA):  73,275
T03 | S07-   CHUN LI (SYLVANIA, OH):  31,350

T04 | S01-   KARL LAU (CHATHAM, NJ):  138,500
T04 | S02-   ERIC RILEY (DEERFIELD BEACH, FL):  46,100
T04 | S03-   DOUGLAS BOHL (HATBORO, PA):  80,025
T04 | S04-   BRIAN LEMKE (NORRISTOWN, PA):  85,250
T04 | S05-   RAFAEL MENKES (BETHESDA, MD):  76,125
T04 | S07-   STEVEN CHO (DERWOOD, MD):  71,550
T04 | S08-   JUSTIN LIBERTO (FALLSTON, MD):  26,350
T04 | S09-   NATALIE BEREZNYAK (RUMSON, NJ):  31,500

T05 | S01-   ROBERT DONALDSON (WALTON, NY):  21,900
T05 | S02-   DAVID ZEITLIN (BROOKLYN, NY):  20,400
T05 | S03-   JOSEPH COUDEN (BLACKLICK, OH):  98,575
T05 | S04-   WILLIAM BRADEN (TOMS RIVER, NJ):  41,200
T05 | S06-   AMARENDER PURI (FLUSHING, NY):  19,500
T05 | S07-   ORSON YOUNG (OCEANPORT, NJ):  47,600
T05 | S08-   JOHN RENZI (BOOTHWYN, PA):  55,000

T06 | S01-   LEONID VIZIROV (CHALFONT, PA):  63,875
T06 | S02-   JUSTIN ZAKI (TIERRA VERDE, FL):  88,025
T06 | S03-   CORRIE WUNSTEL (BATON ROUGE, LA):  70,100
T06 | S07-   PAUL FREEDMAN (HAMPTON, NH):  71,025
T06 | S08-   DAVID SHAFRIN (FLANDERS, NJ):  37,900

Tuesday, September 17


11AM: Event 22 - $350 + $50  No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 
  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels will last 30 minutes each
  • Players that bust within the first 6 Levels may Re-Enter (unlimited re-entries) 
  • 1-Day event

12PM: Event 21 - $3300 + $200 Championship Deep Stack Double Play NLH (Re-Entry)
  • Day 2+ Levels:  will last 90 minutes each
  • Day 2 ends after the completion of Level 15
  • 5-Day event with two starting days

6 PM: Event 52 - $100 + $20 + $25 Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips 
  • This is a Bounty tournament.  Players must have their Bounty chip clearly displayed on table in order to remain active in tournament.
  • Levels will last 20 minutes each
  • Players that bust within the first 6 Levels may Re-Enter (unlimited re-entries) 
  • 1-Day event