Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 11 - Final table set

$350 + $50 Deepest Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

The final table is set. Tim Whalen went out when his K5 was unable to best the pocket 10's of Michael Buttcavoli. Whalen finished in 12th collecting $2,127.

Also collecting $2,127 for his 11th place finish was Steven Gagliano (West Babylon, NY) when he ran into the quad jacks of Larry Franks. Franks nearly tripled up on the hand as chip leader Brian Poliva was also all in with A-K.

The final ten is as follows:

Seat 1: Abraham Faroni, Philadelphia, PA 1.05 million
Seat 2: Daniel Marcus, Merrick, NY 1.65 million
Seat 3: Brian Poliva, Nutley, NJ 5.35 million
Seat 4: Amanda Musumeci, Philadelphia, PA 1.4 million
Seat 5: Fabio Buonaguro, Toronto, Canada 1.2 million
Seat 6: Michael Buttacavoli, Ventnor, NJ 1.7 million
Seat 7: Andrew Klein, Ocean, NJ 4.7 million
Seat 8: Eddie Bou, West Palm, FL 1.25 million
Seat 9: Larry Franks, Long Island, NY 2.6 million
Seat 10: Jason Yniguez, Brooklyn, NY 2.55 million

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