Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 13: Will Thrilled with the Ladies

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 2: Blinds 50/100

McKennon surrounded by (l-r) Plate, O'Brien, Freedman & Hubbard

Will McKennon (Grenloch, NJ) asks, "did you get my picture with all these lovely ladies?"

Not only that, we see him stay on their good side by taking down a three-way pot on the river with a full house against two gentleman.

Earlier, two of the women go head-to-head with Stephanie Hubbard (Hazlet, NJ) check-calling the entire way, only to lose to the flopped two pairs (A 3) of Wendy Freedman (Las Vegas, NJ) against Hubbard's AQ from the small blind.

Freedman finished second in Event 7 ($400 entry) for $26,000, while Hubbard has 13 of her 15 career cashes at Borgata.

The other two ladies at the table are Borgata regulars Lana O'Brien (Marlboro, NJ) and Dorothy Plate (Oakdale, NY).  O'Brien is Borgata trophy holder and 5 out of her 10 Borgata cashes, have been final tables; Plate is looking for her first tournament cash.

Lots of results on this table along with lots of early action.

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