Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 11 - Action picks up as we near the money

$350 + $50 Deepest Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds 10K/20K Ante 3K

The chips are flying into the middle as we're down to 55 players with an average stack of 438K (22 big blinds). A quick glimpse at some of the hands:

--With the board reading J-5-7-K-J a bet of 150K into a 220K pot is called. Bettor shows K-J and adds the huge pot to his stack.

--A short stack moves all in with J♦T♦ and is called by K♥Q♥. By the time the turn is dealt, the short stack is drawing to two jacks and two tens. He hits one of those four outs on the river to double up.

--A big stack bully who had been shoving routinely first to act does it again. Two of the stacks to act after him, including John Zentner (Las Vegas, NV) both call him. The hands are turned over... Big stack bully has QT♣. The first all in caller has pocket kings. Zentner has pocket queens. The board runs out 6♣2♣2♠Q♣3♠. The player with kings goes "YES!!!!" believing he has won the pot, not realizing that Zenter has a queen. Zentner quietly points at the queen and says "Queens". "Sh**. Damn!" says the felted player, amazed at his bad luck. Zentner, on the other hand, is feeling fortunate. "I can't believe I just hit a one outer." Zentner is up to 680K after the hand.

John Zentner (Las Vegas, NV)

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