Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 12: 2nd Place - Pipitone

$400 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

 Sal Pipitone (Paramus, NJ) 

After a long battle four-handed, Sal Pipitone finishes runner-up to Joe Palma, who wins his second trophy of the series.

"It was fitting we were heads up," says Pipitone who earns $7,171 for second place, "because we play a lot of cash games together."

Pipitone is scooped in Omaha H/L on the final hand, but he points to a hand in Hold'em that was the difference. Pipitone was forced to fold which only added to Palma's chip lead which was at 1.4 million to 300k when heads up began.

"Two years ago I made the switch from no limit to mixed games and I recently got a first (place) and now second," says Pipitone, "this validates it. I'm happy."

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