Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Event 13: Dikker Chipping Up

$260 + $40 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 16: Blinds 2,500/5k/500 ante 

This is the last level before dinner break, which will happen at about 7:15pm.

Anna Dikker

Anna Dikker (Marlboro, NJ) is up to 250k and one of bigger stacks.

Anna has two final tables here.  She finished 3rd in the 2012 Spring Open Deep Stack Semi-Turbo NLH event for $4,624 and 4th in the 2011 Winter Open Deep Stack NLH for $16,572.

She's on table 20, which is the next one to break, so she'll get moved to a new seat somewhere else in the room.

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